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by Department of Correction


Hi !
You are reading our attached-blog, to follow our news. This is a very short one. You can come quite often to read our last news about the band, and listen for free to our discography. You can download and buy CDs at "cool as hell" price.
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released May 31, 2014


Just back from a 3 weeks USA tour, from New Jersey to California. It was our second experience of touring in the US, and it was 100% awesome.
Playing in basements, in houses, in the desert of Arizona, in empty big clubs and full packed small venues...

Now we are entering the time of composing for our first real full length. But first, will be release soon our split with AGATHOCLES in LP 12" by Give Praise Records, our split 7" with PROLETAR by Give Praise Records and Grindtoday, and our split 5" with SENDER/RECEIVER by Mannequin Rein Records.

We just received the front artworks of the split 7" and the split 12" !!